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Sub 12
Air Wireless

Subwoofer, Wireless, with 30cm Woofer, LAN, WiFi, AirPlay and Digital Inputs

The  AUDIUM Sub 12 Air is the ideal deep bass addition to your AUDIUM  loudspeakers. The lowest octave is also extremely important for the realistic  reproduction of music.
And with the  Sub 12 and its  adaptability to your room and its installation position, you can easily  achieve the ideal.

The basis is our tried and tested digital amplifier technology in  combination with a fast, highly efficient switched-mode power supply. These  drive a 30cm long-throw woofer in a downfired configuration in a bass-reflex  cabinet.
The integrated DSP allows extensive setting options, the Air version  implements room adjustment, network connection and convenient control via app  on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Connect the subwoofer to your existing audio or surround system using one  of the possible connections. With an existing AUDIUM system, you can simply  load one of the predefined loudspeaker profiles and use it as the basis for  your further settings. After adjusting the parameters to your listening room  and your listening habits, you can save them in the user memory.

The Air version of the Sub 12 is a further step towards future-oriented  music reproduction. Both the hardware and software functions are expanded so  that you can integrate the sub into your home network and configure it  conveniently via the app!

AUDIUM - Idears you can hear!

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Fullrange Driver
Dual Cone Fullrange
Integrated Subwoofer
Oval Woofer
Downfired Woofer
Internal Resonator
Bi-Wiring Terminal
Active Module
External Power Supply
DSP - Digital Signal Processor
Room Adaptation
Bass Management

Technical Data

Fullrange Ø
Woofer Ø
Power Fullrange
Power Woofer
Dimensions (WxHxD)
Cinch, XLR, Binding Posts, SPDIF, LAN, WiFi
300 mm (12")
250 W
365 x 450 x 485 mm
35 kg

Available Finishes

White High-Gloss
Black High Gloss


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Manual Sub 12
Info-Flyer Sub 12
Info-Flyer Sub 12
Info-Flyer Air Wireless
Info-Flyer Air Wireless