The classical approach to AUDIUM speakers. Simply connect them to an integrated amp or power amp which are part of your HiFI-system.

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For our Tube-amplifier fans.
The integrated active subwoofer unburdens heavy work from an amplifier with low power.

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State-of -the Art amp technology seamlessly integrated into AUDIUM speakers. Maximum sound for users with streamers and computers.

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AIR Wireless

The audiophile quantum leap! Two AUDIUM speakers and nothing else.Your Tablet, Smartphone or Computer is the audio source.

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Latest AUDIUM News:

Below you find the latest news and informations about AUDIUM:

Product Test
Klaus Siegesleitner
October 20, 2021

Stefan Schickedanz from the stereoplay did an extensive test with the Comp 3.2 Air Wireless.
Read his test here...

Print / Brochures
AUDIUM Flipbook Product Brochure
Klaus Siegesleitner
June 23, 2021

The AUDIUM Product Brochure is now available as interactive Flipbook. So you can read it just like a real product brochure on your computer, tablet or smartphone.
You can find it here on our download page...
Have fun flipping!

Print / Brochures
German AUDIUM Brochure 2021
Klaus Siegesleitner
May 19, 2021

The 2021 AUDIUM Product brochure is now available in German language - enjoy!
If you want to have the printed version on paper pls. fill out our contact form...

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Latest News

Here you find the latest News and information from our BLOG.

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The AUDIUM Key essentials

The Point Source

The heart of each AUDIUM loudspeaker.With a single source of sonic we reach the ideal form we know from theory: the point source. The sound doesn't need to be separated and reassembled. No simple task - a driver being capable of reproducing frequencies from 150 Hz - 21 kHz. Much effort was spent to develop such an optimised driver! Because "failures" at the source cannot be fixed by elaborate corrective measures. The ingredients: Paper membrane with bamboo fiber, Aluminium phase plug, underhung voice-coil, Neodym magnet, Aluminium die-cast basket and more than 1 year development time. And for Comp 8 and 9 the advanced fullrange with whistler cone and active phase plug for even more fine-dynamics and resolution!


How to build a loudspeaker with maximum bass without consuming half the space of the living room?
Make an oval woofer!
But that's not the only reason for that exotic shape:
Beside maximizing the membrane size (while preserving our cabinet shape) we reach a higher membrane stiffness and better resonance behaviour. All details have been implemented until the physical limits were reached. Extended length voice-coil,
high-tech Kevlar®, super-linear centering.
The extra stiff alu die-cast basket houses all of these components. Air-flow optimised, triple vented and optimally reinforced, it builds the resonance free base for a powerful and precise bass section. To only allow movement where is was intended to happen.


From the very beginning AUDIUM takes care to create sustainable products. It starts from the loudspeaker design, over production, packagin to transport. And further more, we provide the possibility to upgrade our products. So they can grow together with your needs!





Passive Terminal, Drive-, Active-, and the Air-Module!

Upgrade Philosophy

Maybe you think that after 20 years new speakers would be worth an investigation, but you still stick to your beloved stereo system. Or you wallet recommends to buy the passive version, not the Air-one.
So - do it! It is no problem to upgrade your AUDIUMs step by step. Start with the passive version, upgrade to Active/Drive, and upgrade to Air in a second step!

So you find enough time to say good bye to your first stereo tower...


We know that loudspeakers are nowadays part of a flat's furniture. Times where they have been big black boxes are over! And we also know that space is often a problem.
So we had this approach to design a loudspeaker with elegant shape, slim appearance and a variety of veneers that make it combineable with all occuring living room situations. Please have a look - do you agree?


Find below the most recent tests of AUDIUM Loudspeakers

Streaming Regallautsprecher AUDIUM Comp 3.2 Air Wireless – High End kompakt unter 3.000 Euro
Berliner Musikmeister
Test AUDIUM Comp 5.2 Air
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