Comp 7.2

Floor Speaker, Semi Active with oval Woofer and Bass Management

Comp 7.2 Drive - a passive full-range  loudspeaker with an integrated active subwoofer.
Here, too, there is a feature that distinguishes all AUDIUM products - the  combination of seemingly opposing properties!

This combination enables the use of amplifiers with low power reserves such  as a triode tube amplifier.
This only drive the full range driver, the oval 6x9" oofer built into  the base is powered by the integrated 130W power amplifier.
A DSP also allows the loudspeaker to be matched to the listening room in  the bass.

In the current version 2 of the amplifier module, not only has the sound  been refined, the operating concept has also been completely  redesigned.
A rotary encoder and a graphic display enable all parameters to be set  intuitively.
Installation and tuning of the speaker are child's play!

The Comp 7.2 Drive - more than the sum of its parts!

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Fullrange Driver
Dual Cone Fullrange
Integrated Subwoofer
Oval Woofer
Downfired Woofer
Internal Resonator
Bi-Wiring Terminal
Active Module
External Power Supply
DSP - Digital Signal Processor
Room Adaptation
Bass Management

Technical Data

Fullrange Ø
Woofer Ø
Power Fullrange
Power Woofer
Dimensions (WxHxD)
Binding Posts
76 mm (3")
150 x 230 mm (6" x 9")
30 W
130 W (active)
215 x 940 x 290 mm
19 kg

Available Finishes

White High-Gloss
Zebrano Veneer
Wild Cherry Veneer
Mocca Veneer
Black High Gloss


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