Center-Speaker, Fully Active with oval Woofer and Room Adaption

The  Center.2 Active loudspeaker is the ideal addition to your AUDIUM home theater system.
Acoustically and visually, it integrates perfectly into the AUDIUM Comp loudspeaker line.

In the active version, you can also connect it directly to a surround  preamplifier and no longer need a separate power amplifier!

Thanks to the specially adapted EPE foam base, it can be easily aligned to your listening position: both radially and at the height of the radiation angle.

Additionally, you can combine 2 Center.2 as a stereo pair.
Perfectly fitting on sideboards where you wand a discreet appearence of your loudspeakers!

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Fullrange Driver
Dual Cone Fullrange
Integrated Subwoofer
Oval Woofer
Downfired Woofer
Internal Resonator
Bi-Wiring Terminal
Active Module
External Power Supply
DSP - Digital Signal Processor
Room Adaptation
Bass Management

Technical Data

Fullrange Ø
Woofer Ø
Power Fullrange
Power Woofer
Dimensions (WxHxD)
76 mm (3")
150 x 230 mm (6" x 9")
30 W
100 W
325 x 195 x 310 mm
7.7 kg

Available Finishes

White High-Gloss
Zebrano Veneer
Wild Cherry Veneer
Mocca Veneer
Black High Gloss


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