Comp 9.2

Floor Speaker with dual-cone Fullrange and 27cm Woofer

The  Comp 9.2 is the top model from AUDIUM. Equipped with the new dual cone fullrange driver with active phase-plug, this construction breaks the beaten path of broadband  constructions.

This heart is supported by an even more powerful 27cm woofer which can come  up with various innovations. A long-throw voice coil in combination with the  large but light cellulose / cotton membrane ensures a deep and substantial  bass. Here, too, low-mass aluminum voice coils such as the Comp 8 are used.  Only in this way was it possible to integrate the woofer perfectly and to  achieve a seamless sound image with consistent speed and detail  resolution.

These ingredients present you with a maximum of three-dimensional  holographic music reproduction. Voices and instruments are  "tangible" in front of you on the virtual stage. The bass is  extremely fast, crisp and with a deep punch and plays down to the lowest  octaves.
Music becomes even more noticeable. Live recordings become almost a live  experience.

The Comp 9.2 - more than the sum of its parts!

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Fullrange Driver
Dual Cone Fullrange
Integrated Subwoofer
Oval Woofer
Downfired Woofer
Internal Resonator
Bi-Wiring Terminal
Active Module
External Power Supply
DSP - Digital Signal Processor
Room Adaptation
Bass Management

Technical Data

Fullrange Ø
Woofer Ø
Power Fullrange
Power Woofer
Dimensions (WxHxD)
Binding Posts
100 mm (4") 
270 mm (11") 
50 W
150 W
270 x 1060 x 360 mm

Available Finishes

White High-Gloss
Zebrano Veneer
Wild Cherry Veneer
Mocca Veneer
Black High Gloss


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